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Celebrities Dreaming Big

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Sponsors Rockin It

An integral part of The New Music Revolution model is funding support from Brand Sponsors (through sponsorship marketing) and Fan Sponsors (through crowdfunding), as we launch our first two premiere events the Fan Voted Music Revolution Top 100, and the Indie Touring All Stars.


We'd like to thank all the great Sponsors who are catching the vision of the new music revolution, and believe in supporting bands to make their music, and for fans to receive that music in true revolutionary fashion! 


 You can also check out media, venue, fan, celebrity, music organizations, or other types of sponsors today:

Current Sponsors Rockin The Rev

Where would we be if Sponsors didn't help support all the great summer music festivals across the world?
Same model here, just applied differently across our year long showcases and annual events - it's like a summer music festival that lasts all year long...

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The Music Revolution Sponsorship Model

What happens when Brands who really care about setting the music free from the unfair music practices of the Major Label Industry - instead help promote the best Independent music in the world get out to a worldwide Fan base? You get an awesome revolution, kinda like this...

Our Sponsorship Model

Celebrity Sponsorship "Dreaming Big" Project

As part of our Kickstarter Fan Voted Music Revolution Top 100 Launch, Dreaming Big will be the title of a Book Release that includes over 100 famous musicians & celebrities telling their stories of how they never stopped believing in the dream. Learn more...

Celebrities Dream Big
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