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Fans nominate, vote, and pledge 21!

Fans Get Revolutionary!

What The What?

We’re not sure where we got the Crazy Idea that we could break the Kickstarter All Time Record - while simultaneously launching our Fan Voted Music Revolution Top 100 (Launching Summer of 2020 
on Kickstarter) - but we think it’s a perfect marriage, because we know that behind every great band

are millions of awesome Fans like you. After all, without music fans, bands would just be sitting
alone in their basement playing music to no-one. 


But we ain't stopping there. Below are lots of cool things fans can do to get involved in 
The New Music Revolution
 that is sweeping the planet:

Fans - 3 Steps To Revolution

Are You A Revolutionary?

Who Can Join

Fans Choose The Revolution Top 100 Winners

Become A Fan Revolutionary and Choose The Winners Of The Revolution Top 100

Fans Join & Get Revolutionary

Fans Get Connected - Social Media

Fans Nominate Their Favorite Bands/Artists

Fans Pledge 21 - Break Kickstarter

Fans Choose Winners Of The Revolution Top 100

More Ways For Fans To Get Their Revolution On:

Fans Listen, Discover,
& Share Music

Fans Attend Live
Concerts & Festivals

Fans Set The Big 7
On Fire

Fans Join Street &
Social Network Teams

Fans Get Cool Merch
& Swag

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