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Big 7 Events & Showcases

There's a new music revolution sweeping the world...

Enough Events & Showcases To Incite An Actual Revolution -

Of The Music Kind

At the core of The New Music Revolution will be our Big 7 - which are 7 major events and 7 music showcases - providing opportunities galore for bands & artists to get noticed and make money while doing music.

Our initial launch will be Summer 2019, and will feature:

Event #1:

The Music Revolution Top 100

Music Showcase #1:

Indie Touring All Star Revolution

Except for the Major Labels - who chose to be excluded by default for their endless obfuscation policies in taking the majority of money (85-90% of all revenue) from Bands and Artists, and negotiating 

hard ball tactics with streaming services, so that Bands get even worse return for their craft ( a smidgeon of a percentage of a penny on the dollar) for streaming - The New Music Revolution has a place for everyone involved in music - especially for the Fans, and Bands / Artists who make the music and deserve to be rewarded so they can sustain a career.

This will be the beginning of a Major Independent Music Revolution, and help promote and raise funding over the next 5 years and beyond for the best independent Bands & Artists the world over. 
(Not to be confused with Proxima B / Alpha Centauri - the next literal world over........ish)

For this reason we have created 7 Big Events and 7 Big Showcases that over the near future will be launched in 3 phases. 

Big 7 Music Showcases

The Music Revolution
Top 100

Indie Touring All Stars Revolution

Indie Music All Stars Revolution

Featured & Emerging
Bands & Artists 

Majorly Independents 

Voice, Idol, Xfact,
Talent - Revolution

Local / Regional All
Star Revolution

Big 7 Music Events

The Music Revolution
Top 100

Music Revolutionary Songwriting Contest

MREV College Music

Attack On The Venue

The Music Revolutionary Awards

Heart Of America
Music Festival

The Music Revolution 
Top 10 Tour

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