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Only you can help us break the Kickstarter All Time Record!

Why Is Music Revolution Going Kickstarter?  

Kickstarter is for the dreamers, and the doers, and the makers that make the future.
So should we think small, and dig in the dirt - or go big, and shoot for the stars!?


NO WAY!  We dream big, and that's why we know we can break the kickstarter all time record, because when you combine the symbiotic relationship of fans with awesome bands and artists, media, social media, venues, sponsors, and celebrities who also once had dreams and made them come true, you get world changing revolutionary results!

(Until we launch and publish our kickstarter project page, please read story below to get details)





Now Launching:

Summer / Fall 2020

Bands & Artists Compete & Win Big With The Fan Voted...

Music Revolution

Top 100

Bands & Artists Get Nominated & Voted In By Fans

Fans Vote

The New Music  

Where control of the music industry is being put back in the hands of Bands, Artists, and Fans - where it should be!

Bands D - Music Revolution - Duffs Band

The Music Revolution Top 100

Music Revolution -  Ultra Music Festival

Fans Nominate & Vote

Bands - 3 Easy Steps To The Top 100
Fans - 3 Easy Steps To Voting The Winner

By now we've already said lot's about this, but can you say AWESOME? Our Kickstarter Project is to create a Fan Voted Top 100 of the best Independent Bands in the world, in over 20 genres, equaling 2000 +/- Bands & Artists.

Money generated by Fan pledging will go towards all the Bands that make it into the top 100 per genre, the Top 100 Overall, The Top 10 Finals, and The Ultimate Winner!

There will be lot's of Rewards to pledgers / fans, and Bands & Artists will use the money raised towards recording, touring, and marketing their music! (and maybe they can sneak in buying a cool hat to wear on stage).

Fans are the lifeblood of the music industry. But the Major Label Industry complex has been nothing but dismissive and deceitful about their archaic manipulative mega-corp profit driven practices towards the fans.

No more Force-fed cookie cutter down your throat music! It's a Revolution Baby! So shouldn't you the fan have a better access to the very best Bands & Artists on the planet?

Fans nominate their favorite Bands, then vote for the winners of the Top 100, Top 10, and Ultimate Winner! Fans Pledge 21, get awesome music and rewards, and break the Kickstarter all-time record!

What is the power of a collective of 
2000 Bands / Artists, and a combined audience of 10 million fans?

Fans nominate, pledge 21, and vote the winners

The Current Kickstarter Record

Is held by a watch... albeit a very cool watch

Music revolution - Pebble watches kickst

A Watch Is Good, But...

Because....when you first meet the love of your life, will the first question you ask on your first date be...."so, do you like watches?"......NOT!

Artist K - Music Revolution - Myleene Kl

... Music Is Better

But think of this, most people don't ask "do you like music?", instead the question is "what kind of music do you like?"

Current Kickstarter Record:

Held By:   Pebble eWatch

Project Funds Raised:   $20,336,930

Pledged By:   78,463 watch people

Our Kickstarter Goal:

Attempted By:   The New Music Revolution

Project Funds Goal:   $25,000,000

To Be Pledged By:   1 million + music fans

But What If?

Dreams Can Come True?

What is the power of unknown dreamers who became celebrities today
because they dared to believe?

What If fans Decided...

That Music is better than a watch?

ePebble Watches didn't just break the kickstarter record once, but they did it twice! The first time people gave their pledges in exchange for the cool watch, and the record was set at $10,266,844 in 2012. Then they got beat by the kickstarter project The Coolest Cooler (yes, a cooler) that raised $13.3 million. Not to be defeated, Pebble Watches came back again in 2015 with a 2.0 version of watches and again broke the Kickstarter record with $20,336,930 raised.

A watch. A cooler.

Hey Music Fans, you gonna let a watch and a cooler beat you out?

Sadly, Pebble watches posted notice as of December 7, 2016, that "Pebble has ceased its daily operations, and is no longer producing or selling smartwatches", i.e. they went out of business. All that money and glory for nothing!

So what if instead fans...

1.  Get to decide who wins
        *  The #1 best independent band / artist in the world
        *  Who is the Top 10 and Top 100 overall indie bands on the planet, and
        *  Who is the Top 100 best bands or artists per genre!


2.  Get to Pledge The Music Vote on Kickstarter, and Pledge 21 for their favorite Bands & Artists to            win - breaking the Kickstarter All Time $ Record

3.  Tell all their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media sites about the New  

     Music Revolution chance to vote for their favorite bands

4.  Receive digital albums, cool swag, and merch galore from their favorite top 100 winners as      

     rewards for their Kickstarter pledges

Fans Break Kickstarter...

Only you can help us live the dream and break the Kickstarter Record

It's A Revolution Baby!

"...come on get higher, cause everything works in your arms."

Launching The Music Revolution Fan Voted Top 100 Kickstarter project Summer 2020

Click on image below to see which connective music related group
below you can be a part of, to help in

The Music Revolution Top 100 Kickstarter Launch






Only you can help us break Kickstarter 

Let's Get This Revolution Started!

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