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The best music in the world has now gone independent...

The New Music Revolution is the hub of music independence...

Every Band or Artist started out as an unknown independent playing in their room or garage, dreaming of a way to do music for a living. Now they can...

Shane Jackman - top charted Americana artist - Last Blue Mile

"Gotta find my way down, every last blue mile..."

Indie Music All Stars Revolution features the music of all of the best Independent Bands & Artists not signed to Major Labels, as well as honorable mentions (Artists and Bands who are signed to Majors - but once were Independent, or are Major Artists with the heart of an Indie)

It is one of our 7 music Showcases where you can listen to and discover all the current Top Independent Bands & Artists, who are either Revolutionary Affiliates - or just plain old recommended highly by our fans and/or team of crack-shot Revolutionaries

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