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Bands & Artists join and get their Revolution on!

 Bands / Artists Join The New Music Revolution


You're an Artist or Band, right? Well so are we! The creators and team of The New Music Revolution are full of musicians and music peeps from all genres and tastes in music. We are you and you are us!

That's why we created this thinga majiggy. Below are some astoundingly cool ways you can get your revolution on, and say no to the major music industry that will take all your music, money, and rights, and leave you wondering where did it all go wrong... (Don't get too blown away by what your about to experience below, but... yeah, go ahead and get blown away!)

Bands & Fans Unite In Revolution

Every Band or Artist started out as an unknown independent playing in their room or garage, dreaming of a way to do music for a living.

Here's How Bands & Artists Can Get Their Revolution On:

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What Bands Do In The
New Music Revolution

Bands / Artists Become Rev Artist Affiliates

Bands / Artists Submit
To Big 7 Events

How Bands / Artists
Can Win $ Big

Bands / Artists Get

Bands / Artists LCN

Bands / Artists 3 Steps
To Revolution

Big 7 Music Showcases

Become a Band / Artist Affiliate and get showcased in one or more of our Big 7 Showcases

The Music Revolution
Top 100

Indie Touring All Stars Revolution

Indie Music All Stars Revolution

Featured & Emerging
Bands & Artists 

Majorly Independents 

Voice, Idol, Xfact,
Talent - Revolution

Local / Regional All
Star Revolution

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