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When Bands Join:

3 Steps To Revolution

When Bands Join The Revolution They Do This:

The New Music Revolution is founded on the idea that Bands & Artists come first. 

The New Music Revolution is nothing without songwriters, performers, instrumentalists, and bands writing, recording, and performing live music. Without Bands, Artists, and Fans, there is no music industry.


This is why we have created our Big 7 Events and Showcases for Bands / Artists. When a band or artist joins the revolution, they can participate at many different levels, get free promotion, receive $ sponsorships, and earn event and showcase money. 

Below is the gateway for musicians to get involved and become a revolutionary.

Step 1:

Join The Rev & Get Social

Bands / Artists Join Now

Step 2:

Submit Music & Bio To Become A Rev Affiliate

Band & Artist Submissions

Step 3:

Get Featured, Sponsored, And/Or Compete In Big 7 

Get Connected
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