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The best Independent music on the planet

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Listen to all your favorite Bands & Artists by genre, with 25 main Genre categories, and over 177 Sub-Genres...

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Featured &
Emerging Artists

Will one of them become the first winner ever of the Fan Voted Music Revolution Top 100?

Let's find out...

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New Releases
This Week

All the top Independent Bands & Artists are now on The New Music Revolution. Get their new albums here!

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The Music Rev
Top 10 / 100

Listen to the Fan Voted Music Revolution Top 10, the winners of the Top 100 overall competition, and the Top 100 by genre...

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Indie Touring All
Star Revolution

Listen to the Music Rev's Indie Touring All Stars, and see who's on tour and where you can go see them live...

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Indie Music All Star Revolution

Indie Music All Stars features the music of all of the best Independent Bands & Artists not signed to Major Labels, as well as honorable mentions...

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Tune in to hundreds of Major Artists & Bands who have left their major labels, and the Majorly Independents who got huge on their own...

Gone Indie

Voice, Idol, Talent,
X-Fact Revolution

So what happened to the top 48 for all the seasons of both American Idol and The Voice - and all the top contestants on (World's) Got Talent & the X-Factor?

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College Music Revolution

Some of the best new bands and artists form while they are in college. Find out which future greats are on the new cutting edge of revolution.

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Local / Regional
Music Revolution

Hear the Local / Regional All Star Revolution affiliated Bands & Artists, as well as emerging artists as they develop and make a run for the Top 100...

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Music Gone Revolutionary

While we are building the premier website to get digital & streaming songs from the best Independent Bands & Artists in the world, please visit the artist links above to our affiliate music partners to get streaming and downloads that support your favorite bands & artists

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